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Sunday, 21 March 2010


Dating - first step to your love relationship

Author: Meikle Jaction

Now days a new generation is advancing so much that they are aware of all facts and figures at a very small age. Even small kids are aware of relationships. Every one is so much concerned about all these things that they from a very first step keep themselves ready in every aspect that could be in their dressing sense, their speaking ascent, their eating manners, and their walking style and so on… It was a time when girls use to get ready for the first time at their own marriage, these girls were not even aware of the cosmetics and so many more things, then the time came when girls started knowing about these cosmetics and preferred to get ready at their college level but today’s twenty first century has its own unique style, girls use cosmetics at their school stage, they get ready for tuitions the same way earlier people use to get ready at marriages.

Getting various hair styles done, coloring their hairs, putting up of nail paints, lip gloss and so many things which even are not required at least at a place which is quite genuine and you are there just to study.

Now to have a reason behind all these things is boys. Girls prepare themselves in such a way that they may always be appreciated by boys and dating is the new style now days where boys and girls get to know each other. Dating is known as to be the first step of any one’s love story. This initial step is taken when a boy gets attracted towards a girl and then approaches her to have an opportunity to accompany him to a coffee house or for lunch so that the boy may get to know the girl in all aspects which now days has become a very important issue. This can either take a vice versa place. Even girls are getting smarter now days. They know the best choice that is to be made while they are searching for their love. Even now days girls approaches to a boy if she likes him and giving him an opportunity to accompany her some where, where she could just sit next to him and talk to him and know him in all ways so that she may take a further step to become his girlfriend.

The next very step comes is to propose the next one if you feel he / she is the right person for you. Now its all yours. You are the ultimate decision maker. You have to make a choice of how to keep your relationship an ever lasting one. And the biggest step after the proposal in each of the couple’s mind is to have faith or say trust in each other so that you may carry this relationship as an everlasting one.

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