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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

How to survive a break up

Survive ABreak Up - Get a Proven Plan For Repairing Your Relationship And Get Back With Your Beloved

Are you in a relationship that seems to be on its last legs? You would not probably be surprised with how many individuals find themselves in this situation. If you would like to be able to stay in that relationship, it is important for you to win your lover back. Here are some tips on how to survive break up.

There are a number of different reasons why relationships seem to be on the wane, and you may feel as if it has to do with one particular incident that caused the stress to happen in the relationship. More than likely, however, this is just the visible part of the problems but the issues that you may have to deal with can be lying quite a bit under the surface.

How to save your relationship can be a million dollar question after a break up. In situations where one partner wants to reconcile while the other does not wants so, then it can really leave anyone in a fix. Unfortunately, many people give up even a trial to survive break up for the fear of a negative response. While, some find it impossible to their curb ego and approach their ex. Forget all your anxiousness.

Relationships are like plants, they need care and nurturing to grow and be healthy. Once you stop trying they wither and die. Familiarity really does breed contempt, once you stop making that effort to keep your relationship growing it starts to die. At some point one of you then makes the decision to end the relationship.
Honestly, this is a very lame but effective idea to save your relationship, even if you are not the person to be blamed.

Human in nature, will always feel better if the opposition are the one who starts to apologize. Your apology should sound sincere even though you may feel unfair or unhappy to do so. But is that really matters if this is only one of your 'strategies' to save your dying relationship? Most of the time after you have apologized, your beloved partner will apologize too for his misbehave and that is a very good moment to cool down for both of you and continue to find out different ways together to survive break up.

Saving your relationship is going to take some time. Don't get impatient. You should take a good, honest look at the relationship dynamics and see if you can figure out why it is failing. What was it that your ex liked about you to begin with? What didn't they like? What about you has changed? Do the things they didn't like dominate your personality now? Being honest with yourself is not an easy thing to do. Let's face it, it pretty much stinks! If you want to save break up, you have to be willing to change and compromise.

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