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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Lost friends.

There are so many websites, linking friends on the net , Facebook being one of the biggest links. However how can you connect . Finding relatives is a similar progression. Looking through dates of birth records etc. most of the time this is chargeable.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Check out my new AVON eBrochure!

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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Wishing to travel to Ireland.

A blog about finding old friends on line.Finding places to go on holiday and general chatting about relationships and happy days

Thursday, 20 October 2011

A blog about finding old friends on line.Finding places to go on holiday and general chatting about relationships and happy days

Friday, 30 September 2011

Technorati code

A blog about finding old friends on line.Finding places to go on holiday and general chatting about relationships and happy days.

Thursday, 15 September 2011


A blog about finding old friends on line.Finding places to go on holiday and general chatting about relationships and happy days.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Where are you now?

A blog about finding old friends on line.Finding places to go on holiday and general chatting about relationships and happy days.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Fantastic holidays

Here is Why Mauritius Holidays Are A Fantastic Choice For Tourists Of All Ages

Author: Mark Black
Are you in need of a vacation that will allow you to forget about all your anxieties and worries? If so then you should consider booking one of the latest deals in Mauritius holidays. Mauritius has a reputation as being a paradise island and for good reason. Located off the east coast of Africa, in the same region as Madagascar, it is very much a luxury destination.

It is not difficult to understand why the island is so popular with families and couples who want to be spoilt. Surrounded by crystal clear clean warm water it is a great destination for water sports enthusiasts and sun worshipers.

You could choose to snorkel or scuba dive amongst an amazing diversity of marine species. There is a coral reef surrounded the island which is home to an incredible assortment of magnificent corals and colorful fish. There is also the chance to take windsurfing lessons, go on a sailing trip, or try to catch a few fish for your dinner. When you want a break from the beaches and water then you can explore the amazing tropical vegetation which is found in the interior of the island. It's not difficult to arrange an organised hike or walking tour.

If shopping is an essential part of any vacation you go on, then Mauritius will give you ample choice of souvenirs and gifts. There are many markets and stores which sell traditionally made handicrafts which make perfect presents for those friends not lucky enough to travel to the island.

A holiday would usually involve socializing and meeting new people. Mauritius gives you lots of scope to mingle and interact with other tourists from around the globe. If you want to check out the island's best bars and clubs then head to Grand Baie.

It does not matter what your age, both old and young alike will not be left bored on Mauritius.
Are you planning to have great Mauritius Holidays? If you are, start collecting some hot information on the islands. Perhaps, you may want to consider breathtaking Seychelles Vacations as well? Either way, visit this free information site: SantoshaGuides.com and get some discounts on accommodations.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Holidays in Bali

Holidays in Bali

Globe Trotting

Globe-trotting in style with your luggage

Author: Mel C
There was a time when you think of luggage, you immediately think of heavy, cumbersome and tough-looking boxes that usually get lost at the airport. Well not anymore. Makeovers are not just confined to wardrobes and home interiors, even our luggage have had some major overhauling. Now, luggage is no longer as heavy, nor as cumbersome as their predecessors. Though they are still tough, they are no longer tough-looking. But you still lose them at the airport, some things, after all, never change.

Thanks mostly to fashion dictators who dictate the trends and styles of the times, luggage design is now part and parcel of traveling in style. The old-school boxy appearance is no longer the norm, although this is still one of the many variations in which luggage may be designed. The old notion of buying luggage only when you travel no longer applies. Nowadays, you see a beautiful piece of luggage, you buy it, and then you think of traveling so just you can use it. And remember, luggage comes in a variety of forms, each designed for a specific function and for every kind of traveling that you do.

If you are a professional going on a business trip, wheeled totes is the ideal luggage for your laptop, paperwork and other personal belongings. It is mobile, handy and goes anywhere you go. For short trips that are not work related, a duffle bag or a simple tote can handle books and other personal effects. On the other hand, garment bags come in handy for packing clothes, while wheeled carry-ons or carry-alls is ideal for plane travel as they fit snugly in overhead compartments.

Truly, there is much style available now as far as luggage is concerned. If you're still uncertain of what to buy or use, consider buying a luggage set.

Mel writes about luggage and other shopping related topics.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Tips on finding old friends

Tips For Finding Old Friends

When you're an adult, it's easy for you to take control of the people you want to be in your life. But when you're a child, you tend to find yourself at the mercy of a variety of other factors. From having to move house and change schools to being warned away from certain people by overprotective adults, there are a number of things that can make it hard for young people to hang on their friends. However, the good news is that these days it is possible to chase up these friendships years later, when you are an adult and able to make your own choices.

With a little help from the internet it can be possible for you to find friends you once thought were completely lost to you. With just a few facts about your own life and the friend you're looking for, not only could you be able to find out more about the past you shared together, but you could also find out where and who they are today.

There are a number of ways to go about finding past friends, but one of the easiest has to be joining a site that will offer you access to a selection of records and facts. By joining such a site, you'll be able to look through old school or activity club records to check you have the details of your old friends correct. This information can then be used to find out what kind of schools or clubs they joined next and then you can start tracing a line between the friend you knew then and the one you'd like to meet again now.

There are a number of milestone events many people enjoy that you can use to help you find old friends, such as important birthdays, marriages and christenings. It's also a good idea to make sure you pay attention to these, especially marriage if you are looking for a female friend - as it's still very common for women to change their names. Social networking sites could also prove a useful tool for hunting for your friends, especially if they have a specific lean towards reuniting people. You may even find that in the hunt for one particular old friend, you find yourself able to be in contact with many others.

Whether you're hunting for the boy who sat next to you in primary school or you're hoping to reconnect with someone you once went to Brownies with, keeping an open mind and employing the internet could help you find who you're looking for very easily.

Sunday, 10 October 2010


Sex, Drugs + Rock-n-Roll = Self-Destruct

Author: Louis Moon
Rock Stars...we are fascinated by them as much as we idolize Hollywood celebrities. We listen to their music, buy the CDs, hang their posters on every wall of our room, watch them at MTV, and go to their concerts. We idolized them so much that we often see them as demi-gods. But beneath all that fame and fortune that the world of rock and roll had given them, many of these rock stars are on the path to self-destruction.

Often, being a rock star would also mean that they are associated with substance abuse and drug overdose such as the case of Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, among others. It is a merry-go-round of money, adulation, traveling, and being in the media. Like other human beings, these demi-gods of rock music are also susceptible to pain and depression. Drugs and alcohol --- two things that get them going, two substances that were supposed to ease their pains and worries... are the same poisons that would ruin their lives.

Perhaps, we tend to forget that they just like the rest of us --- real people with real problems. Despite having multiple sexual partners, enormous amounts of money, and popularity... deep down they all want just to be loved. Even famous people suffer from loneliness and crave for love in the truest sense of the word. They want to be loved for who they really are and not for the famous persona they have created as rock artists.

Like Joplin and Morrison, there are other music legends who have been immortalized through their songs. Kurt Cobain and Ian Curtis, both young and musically gifted, were in the peak of their careers when they decided to end their lives. Cobain and his band Nirvana were known for introducing the "grunge sound." For his part, Curtis and the rest of Joy Division had left a legacy through the song "Love will Tear Us Apart." Despite the appearance of "having it all", these artists were unhappy and tortured psychologically and emotionally. Even with all their external success and public acclaim, Cobain shot himself and Curtis committed suicide by hanging.

What made them that way? Self-destructive people are aware of their faults. They can be self-critical of their work and often think that they are not good enough, creative enough, or smart enough. They can be displeased with their personality or can be burdened by their own perfectionism. In many cases, self-destruction leads to suicide or having suicidal tendencies.

Most who struggle with thoughts of suicide and other forms of self-destruction usually exhibit some or all of the following behavior:

Too much smoking

Being stress out always

Drinking a lot

Having a lot of casual sex

Not getting enough rest and sleep

Not seeing a doctor or ignoring the doctor's orders

Self-destructive people are more focused on the "outer universe and have lost sight of the need to have a sense of internal peace and self-worth. Unfortunately, for many rock stars like Cobain, their legacy will be more about their tragic end rather than about their music.

For tips on severe tooth pain, sore eyelids and other information, visit the Health And Nutrition Tips website.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Toni Curtis

Toni Curtis.The Painter

Tony Curtis, Thinking Inside the Box

Author: Keith Hunt
At 81, Tony Curtis is defying convention. During a time when many of his living contemporaries have faded into the comfortable obscurity of retirement, this legend of the silver screen is arguably at the peak of his second-and in many ways, first-career as a celebrated painter and boxed assemblage maker.

As children we grew up watching Dad paint,? daughter Jamie Lee Curtis announced at her father's 80th birthday celebration in June 2005. ?We did not realize that we grew up with a famous movie star.?

The same questioning and receptive mind that captures the subtle nuances of daily life and later incorporates them into his film roles has spent the last several decades storing sights and memories that now flower on his vivid, intensely-colored canvases and populate his cubed compositions. The glamour of the film world has left an indelible mark on his visual images; each film locale and co-star has provided Curtis with new inspiration for his artwork.

Demand for showings of his art keeps Curtis constantly on the move. In May, the Carmel Art Festival in California celebrated ?Tony Curtis Day?, honoring the artist in an enormously successful show at Gallerie Amsterdam. Shortly thereafter, Higgins Harte

International Galleries in Lahaina, Maui held an equally successful exhibition in mid-June featuring Curtis' work. Recently, Curtis' art was accepted into the permanent collection of the new film and media wing of the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

At his home in Nevada, Curtis' studio is a snapshot of an artist in constant motion; a worktable, covered with paints, brushes and supplies, features cubbyholes filled with random objects yet to become part of one of his boxed creations. Shelves that line the walls of the studio are packed with dozens of his small dioramas preserved beneath glass that capture a moment or feeling in the life of this living legend.

Curtis' home hosts a considerable collection of others' art as well. A tapestry made from one of his paintings rests on an easel that belonged to Edward G. Robinson. On one wall hangs LeRoy Neiman's 1961 painting, Matador; on another, an original watercolor done for Curtis by Andy Warhol, whom Curtis says ?changed the whole look of everything.? A Marc Chagall sits on an antique table alongside three Pablo Picassos and a Balthus.

This article is reprinted by kind permission of Jeff Marinelli, Publisher of Art and Living Magazine.

This article is reprinted by kind permission of Jeff Marinelli, Publisher of Art and Living Magazine. For more information please go to http://www.artandliving,com

About Tony Curtis

Tony Curtis, Hollywood legend and star of over 150 movies including ?Some Like It Hot?, is also an accomplished artist. His work may be found in public and private collections around the world.

For more information about Tony Curtis art please call him at 702-736-1767 or visit his online art gallery at http://www.TonyCurtis.com

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Free dating sites.

The thing is why pay for dating sites.It doesn't seem worth it to me.I think people should use dating sites as a way to work out how to approach a private life and not to take them too seriously. I have been a member of smooch.com. Link www.smooch.com. This site was a good laugh actually another site is squadoo.com.Try them  out and cancel if you feel there becoming too much.That's what I do.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Finding a friend on line.

If your trying to find an old friend on line there are many channels one can go down.Face book is one area one could check and other on line social networking sites.I have also used friends reunited which is an on line service which is also free.
Genealogy sites are also a must,finding relatives of a friend can help locate or determine if the person is still a live.
Good luck.  

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Books to help create a great relationship.

Getting over a partner.

º ø Forget Your Ex By Doing One Exercise º ø

Author: Timeo

As your eyes move from left to right reading every word of this article, start to realize that forgetting your ex is not an easy process. Are you still remembering your ex? May be that's why you picked up this article.

But I want you to STOP and start to realize how wonderful it will be to forget your ex. Picture some other time in the future where you will feel happy with new life may be you will have a new relationship. Looking back, remembering the time you were having problems with your ex, you will not believe how easy it was to " get over ex.

Now here comes some goodies, an exercise that will blow your mind, it is something you have never heard before that will take you to the wonderful future. This exercise is design for you to clear your ex memories that are hurting you right now by putting a new code (a pattern in the brain). After doing this exercise you are going to feel better and more energetic.

You know, bad ex memories drain your mind to work properly. You can't think nor do act right and you can't even get a new love because of no existing creature in your mind that keeps blocking you from doing important things in your life.

Let’s do the exercise now, oh I just remember something here. What we are going to do is to break the code. What I mean is this, we are going to change what we have been programmed to remember about our ex. So by breaking this code we will forget our ex. I know you are eagerly waiting to do this exercise now lets start.

I want you to imagine being in a movie theater watching a picture of your ex, this is a still picture (no movement) see him or her from head to toe, see every thing about him or her. Now as you see the picture, I want you to put a small picture (small as a dot) in front of your ex. Then make your picture bigger and brighter until it covers your ex picture. After you’ve done the first time does it again but much faster. Do as many times as possible at every time make your picture brighter and do it faster.

By doing this exercise you will reduce the importance of your ex memory in your mind. It may seem like a stupid exercise but it is powerful in the subconscious level. The memory in your brain about him or her will be different. So next time when you start to remember your ex your mind will read a different experience which will not be as painful as it is now. For most people the ex lover will be insignificant.

After practicing this exercise your vision about the world will change and you will become a better person.

Timeo Busyanya,

Article Source: http://www.articlealley.com/article_26899_39.html

About the Author:


Saturday, 27 March 2010

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Where are you now?

HJXKPDKN5ZSH                                       www.glamour.com

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

How to survive a break up

Survive ABreak Up - Get a Proven Plan For Repairing Your Relationship And Get Back With Your Beloved

Are you in a relationship that seems to be on its last legs? You would not probably be surprised with how many individuals find themselves in this situation. If you would like to be able to stay in that relationship, it is important for you to win your lover back. Here are some tips on how to survive break up.

There are a number of different reasons why relationships seem to be on the wane, and you may feel as if it has to do with one particular incident that caused the stress to happen in the relationship. More than likely, however, this is just the visible part of the problems but the issues that you may have to deal with can be lying quite a bit under the surface.

How to save your relationship can be a million dollar question after a break up. In situations where one partner wants to reconcile while the other does not wants so, then it can really leave anyone in a fix. Unfortunately, many people give up even a trial to survive break up for the fear of a negative response. While, some find it impossible to their curb ego and approach their ex. Forget all your anxiousness.

Relationships are like plants, they need care and nurturing to grow and be healthy. Once you stop trying they wither and die. Familiarity really does breed contempt, once you stop making that effort to keep your relationship growing it starts to die. At some point one of you then makes the decision to end the relationship.
Honestly, this is a very lame but effective idea to save your relationship, even if you are not the person to be blamed.

Human in nature, will always feel better if the opposition are the one who starts to apologize. Your apology should sound sincere even though you may feel unfair or unhappy to do so. But is that really matters if this is only one of your 'strategies' to save your dying relationship? Most of the time after you have apologized, your beloved partner will apologize too for his misbehave and that is a very good moment to cool down for both of you and continue to find out different ways together to survive break up.

Saving your relationship is going to take some time. Don't get impatient. You should take a good, honest look at the relationship dynamics and see if you can figure out why it is failing. What was it that your ex liked about you to begin with? What didn't they like? What about you has changed? Do the things they didn't like dominate your personality now? Being honest with yourself is not an easy thing to do. Let's face it, it pretty much stinks! If you want to save break up, you have to be willing to change and compromise.

Do YOU know the complete action plan for how to get your ex lover back If No! Then do not to worry. The page shares a variety of complete proven methods; it requires just two minutes of reading. Click the link to learn Survive A Break Up and get your ex back very much in love with you again

Velma Merrick

Sunday, 21 March 2010


Dating - first step to your love relationship

Author: Meikle Jaction

Now days a new generation is advancing so much that they are aware of all facts and figures at a very small age. Even small kids are aware of relationships. Every one is so much concerned about all these things that they from a very first step keep themselves ready in every aspect that could be in their dressing sense, their speaking ascent, their eating manners, and their walking style and so on… It was a time when girls use to get ready for the first time at their own marriage, these girls were not even aware of the cosmetics and so many more things, then the time came when girls started knowing about these cosmetics and preferred to get ready at their college level but today’s twenty first century has its own unique style, girls use cosmetics at their school stage, they get ready for tuitions the same way earlier people use to get ready at marriages.

Getting various hair styles done, coloring their hairs, putting up of nail paints, lip gloss and so many things which even are not required at least at a place which is quite genuine and you are there just to study.

Now to have a reason behind all these things is boys. Girls prepare themselves in such a way that they may always be appreciated by boys and dating is the new style now days where boys and girls get to know each other. Dating is known as to be the first step of any one’s love story. This initial step is taken when a boy gets attracted towards a girl and then approaches her to have an opportunity to accompany him to a coffee house or for lunch so that the boy may get to know the girl in all aspects which now days has become a very important issue. This can either take a vice versa place. Even girls are getting smarter now days. They know the best choice that is to be made while they are searching for their love. Even now days girls approaches to a boy if she likes him and giving him an opportunity to accompany her some where, where she could just sit next to him and talk to him and know him in all ways so that she may take a further step to become his girlfriend.

The next very step comes is to propose the next one if you feel he / she is the right person for you. Now its all yours. You are the ultimate decision maker. You have to make a choice of how to keep your relationship an ever lasting one. And the biggest step after the proposal in each of the couple’s mind is to have faith or say trust in each other so that you may carry this relationship as an everlasting one.

A guide to online dating services designed to teach you how to flirt, how to pick up on body language cues, and how to find love.

Article Source: http://www.articlealley.com/article_1455402_39.html

About the Author:

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

After the wedding

Is your relationship on the rocks

Is My Relationship Ending Or Is It Just Boring?

Author: Peter

The initial phases of a relationship are usually the most exciting.  There is that sense of newness and discovery that you experience.  You want to be with each all of the time.  But as time goes on something begins to change and your partner begins to act differently towards you.

But what happens as the relationship develops and time passes?  What was once new and exciting becomes older and more familiar.  Spontaneity fades and routine becomes more pronounced.  You may begin to notice that your partner is acting differently towards you.  This may be subtle at first but then gradually becomes more apparent.  The relationship doesn't seem as exciting as it was during the initial phases.  What signs can you look for when the excitement is fading?

There are three things to look for that may be an indication that your partner is losing his or her enthusiasm with the relationship:

1. Doesn't respond to your wishes or requests.  Sometimes the changes are very subtle and may go unnoticed.  In the initial phases of the relationship your partner was likely to be very willing to accommodate you in many different ways.  Now you begin to notice that they are not as quick to oblige you or it takes greater effort on your part to get them to respond to you.

2. Avoids committing to plans or postpones plans.  Your partner becomes very noncommittal to ideas that you have or plans that you are making for the two of you.  This could be something superficial like attending a dinner party to something more substantial like progressing the relationship to the next level.  Your partner either won't give a firm answer to your question or finds excuses to delay whatever plan you have in mind.

3. Forgets dates of special occasions.  Remember in the beginning of the  relationship when your partner remembered every little date from the moment of your first kiss to what you had for dinner on your first date?  As the excitement fades in a relationship you may notice that these memories are not as readily available to your partner as they once used to be.  Your partner may even become annoyed when you are reminiscing about special occasions or dates.

These are just three areas to watch for when you suspect that the excitement is fading from your relationship.  It seems to happen suddenly but usually it occurs as a gradual progression over time.  It appears sudden because many of us don't recognize the signs until they are blatant and right in our face, or we have chosen not to recognize them in hopes that things will improve on their own.  If you can identify the signs that the excitement is fading then you can likely do something about it.


If you could revive your relationship and save it from becoming humdrum and routine what would that be worth to you?  Discover methods of adding excitement and stability to any relationship no matter how serious the problems might be!

Article Source: http://www.articlealley.com/article_542598_35.html

About the Author:

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Where are you?Catch a spouse out.

Want To Catch A Cheating Spouse? Telephone Number Lookup Services Can Help You

Author: Alan

There are basic things you should know about telephone number lookup services. It is a helpful tool for spouses who suspect their partners of cheating. There are other information you should know about it.

Telephone number lookup is for people with suspected cheating spouses. That is what you surely have heard about the service. Phone number lookups are marketed for such a purpose because there are just too many suspecting husbands and wives out there. The service has become more and more popular especially after success stories have started circulating.

To begin with, a telephone number lookup is an Internet-based system that is designed to provide users relevant data associated with specific phone numbers. The information may include the name of the phone number’s owner, the address, age, and other basic information that you could not possibly find in common phone directories. The service operates in a reverse direction compared to the regular phone directory, wherein you search for the phone number of a person or establishment.

The telephone number lookup could never run if you do not input any number. Attaining a suspicious number could be the more troubling and tedious part of the process. Your spouse may be too careful to delete all phone entries in his/her call log folder. Be patient. Your partner surely would have an unguarded moment or he/she may at one time forget to erase call lists. You may always check the call log list on your landline because there possibly could be a suspicious number there.

The telephone number lookup service is using a vast and comprehensive database. It is estimated that about 91% of total mobile and landline numbers existing today are listed in those databases. There is a greater probability that the suspicious number you have derived from your spouse’s phone could be identified. You could have unprecedented access to vast phone directories, carriers’ databases, and public records. You could even perform searches at your convenience even without permission of the number’s owner. However, the operation is fully legal. No one could know you are doing the search unless you disclose it openly to your friends and neighbors.

The lookup service could be free or could require specific charges. Free services are not as reliable as the paid services because they often do not use updated and comprehensive data sources. Paid services use a wide network of resources so that phone number lookup companies could be confident about the reliability, accuracy, and quality of the information they bring about.

There is much information you could derive from a telephone number lookup service. Aside from name, addresses, and age, you could also find out about the person’s civil status as well as basic family background like list of family members, personal loans, and criminal records.

Before you subscribe to a Telephone Number Lookup service, you should first understand what it is all about. Visit http://www.reverse-telephone-number-lookup-search.com to find out more.

Article Source: http://www.articlealley.com/article_1415620_35.html

About the Author:


Sunday, 17 January 2010

Family tree searches.

I have recently joined friends reunited genes website to create my own family website.It is a free website which you can upgrade when you need to.The software is quite good,it does however take some time to put together but well worth it.I imagine there are quite a number of website being developed however if there free they are always a better choice.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Don Bloodworth.

I have just been informed that my mums friend Don Bloodworth who we both dedicated this blog to in order for him to relocate old friends has sadly died.He died peacefully in his sleep and had his ashes scattered on the island of Mallorca were he spent most of his retirement.
We will be continuing the blog in his honour.Don Bloodworth was born in lough borough and served many years in the British army.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Looking for old friends.

Hello and welcome to my blog.I have recently found an old friend of mums friend.He lives in Shepshed Loughborough but will are still looking for his address.If anyone knows who we are looking for and knows his address please add to our comments section.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Trace your ancesters.

Friends reunited .com have a section on how to find family and friends if your looking for a friend this site is worth a look at.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Ken Dobson.

Hello and welcome to the where are you know blog.We are still looking for Ken Dobson.
we have had some information that he is living near shepshed does anyone know if there is a british legion in the area that Ken maybe a member of....Please use the link e-mail on this blog.

New up date.

We are pleased to anoncse that our article has been published in the loughborough echo and we have information on the man we are looking for........
He lives in Hathern near shepshed........
I was thinking he may well be a member of the local library so that will be the next port of call.If anyone can help find who we are looking for please e-mail using the link.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Ken Dobson

We have found some information via the loughborough echo that ken Dobson is living in Shepshed near loughborough.If anyone has any information please use the feedback button on this page.Thankyou

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Looking for old friends

If your looking for old friends why not try the site www.friendsreunited.co.uk and find an old school friend,work college or relative.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Where are you now?

Where are you now?
Where are you now? Ken Dobson last address 1 Hodson street,Loughborough.I am writing on behalf of Don Bloodworth an old loughbremian (88 years old).Ex loughborough college school. I am Gillian Holden 73 years old once a well known swimmer and diver midland champion.I met Don and his wife Poppy years ago in Mallorca where we still live.
I also attended loughborough school of Art which became part of the loughborough college school. I am visiting my daughter Vicki in Nottingham and Don has asked me to contact the Echo.He is trying to contact his old friend Ken Dobson and also Jeff Bloodworth of The Maltings Manton,Oakham Rutland and also Norman Bloodworth who was an ex Sargent major in the army.
My father was an excellent sportman in his youth.I can remember in my youth watching Ken Dobson and my father Archer Holden play cricket at the Park Road ground.I was born in 1936 june 9th at the Radmore nursing home in leicester road,loughborough.Don has told me he used to live next door to the nursing home.
I still keep fit by swimmingand have been teaching keep fit and yoga classes in the old town of Alcudia and Porta Pollensa.
Don Bloodworths address is
49 Avemda Del Pina,
Costa del Pinos.Son Severa,
Tel 0034 971 840291

Gillian Formby (nee holden)
Carr Camp D'vall 35,
07458 Can Picafort,