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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Globe Trotting

Globe-trotting in style with your luggage

Author: Mel C
There was a time when you think of luggage, you immediately think of heavy, cumbersome and tough-looking boxes that usually get lost at the airport. Well not anymore. Makeovers are not just confined to wardrobes and home interiors, even our luggage have had some major overhauling. Now, luggage is no longer as heavy, nor as cumbersome as their predecessors. Though they are still tough, they are no longer tough-looking. But you still lose them at the airport, some things, after all, never change.

Thanks mostly to fashion dictators who dictate the trends and styles of the times, luggage design is now part and parcel of traveling in style. The old-school boxy appearance is no longer the norm, although this is still one of the many variations in which luggage may be designed. The old notion of buying luggage only when you travel no longer applies. Nowadays, you see a beautiful piece of luggage, you buy it, and then you think of traveling so just you can use it. And remember, luggage comes in a variety of forms, each designed for a specific function and for every kind of traveling that you do.

If you are a professional going on a business trip, wheeled totes is the ideal luggage for your laptop, paperwork and other personal belongings. It is mobile, handy and goes anywhere you go. For short trips that are not work related, a duffle bag or a simple tote can handle books and other personal effects. On the other hand, garment bags come in handy for packing clothes, while wheeled carry-ons or carry-alls is ideal for plane travel as they fit snugly in overhead compartments.

Truly, there is much style available now as far as luggage is concerned. If you're still uncertain of what to buy or use, consider buying a luggage set.

Mel writes about luggage and other shopping related topics.

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